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Meet Flytta!

Flytta is an app for People living with Parkinson's.


It can capture motor and non-motor symptoms and can help you perform more effective and safer self-management.

If you are interested to learn more about MedEngine or Flytta, please reach out to


Improving Parkinson's Care

At MedEngine we are on a mission to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s disease. 


Our product, Flytta, can provide you with detailed insights into your condition and can help you perform safer and more effective self-management

Flytta consists of the Flytta Watch that passively monitors motor symptoms and the Flytta App, which actively captures non-motor symptoms and can help you manage medication schedules, exercise classes and activities of daily life.

Our vision is to provide personalised Parkinson's care for everyone.
We want to achieve this by promoting data-based shared decision-making, bringing together every stakeholder in the Parkinson's ecosystem.

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The Watch.


We embedded medical-grade motion sensors into a Bauhaus-style wristwatch.

The result is a beautiful timepiece that continuously monitors your motor symptoms such as tremor and bradykinesia throughout the day.

Without the hassle of a smartwatch! 

This data is then securely sent to our analysis system via your smartphone.


Why is our Approach New?

With Parkinson’s most people only think of the tremor, the tip of the iceberg. What remains hidden is the non-motor part. Unfortunately, these non-motor symptoms, like depression or anxiety are often overlooked!

We are tackling this iceberg by using the combination of our Flytta Watch and App to capture both the motor and the non-motor symptoms.

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The App.

To live well with Parkinson's, it's important to see the full picture. Simply tracking motor symptoms, does not take account for things like nutrition, mood, alternative therapies, exercise or sleep. These lifestyle factors can have a huge beneficial impact on your life so they should be taken into account!

Our App stores this information securely and combines it with the motor symptom data from the Watch to provide a more complete picture of your Parkinson's.



Medical Reports

By wearing the Watch and capturing information in the App you will be gathering information about a lot of factors that could influence your Parkinson's.

Our WebApp provides a dashboard to view all the information you entered. This can help you identify trends and patterns which will give you an understanding of what might be affecting your condition.

If you would like, this information can then be used to create reports which can be shared with a medical professional or caretaker.

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